Cathleen Richards-Green



A Road Less Travelled

Posted on November 12, 2020 at 9:40 AM

November 2020 has brought the most spectacular weather..Nov. 10th was a record breaker....going to 24 degrees Celicus and I've never been out to paint that late in the season... so THAT day was a MUST! I choose a spot I've painted before...(close to the Enclosure...on the road in to Wilson's Point Historic Site) Just a smaller canvas this time and a slightly different angle.
The sun this time of year moves very fast. Two hours maximum for the light before everything has changed too much to carry on. I began painting about 2 PM and the first photo below shows you how far I got in those 2 hours. All the information I needed was on the canvas before I left ...finishing the painting in the studio. (About another hours work)


A Road Less Travelled - oils - 9 X 12 in.

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