Cathleen Richards-Green



Winter Fun

Posted on February 17, 2023 at 3:35 PM

Winter is a hard time for a Plein Air painter in the Canadian winter...but I do find a way around it by drawing or painting from inside my car. I was out a few days ago and did a watercolour of the Entrance at Wilson's Point....not a soul around and the peace and quiet was precious...the painting can be viewed in my Watercolours albumn.
...a week before that I went to Ritchie Wharf Park and sketched the old barn buildings there and include the picture here in this post. I loved the interesting shadow play in the scene. I used pencil + black charcoal and white jelly pen on toned paper.
...I also sketch in the house and was attracted to my Bengal cat, Tigger, sitting on my little electric fireplace in the kitchen...looking out the window....and I'm sure I, was dreaming of spring. I used brown and white inks and watercolour on mixed media paper

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