Cathleen Richards-Green



Cerulean House with Daffodils

Posted on May 19, 2022 at 3:30 PM

I purchased a new plain air kit by Guriella Painter...for the summer..something small and light that I can take anywhere. It is really only good for tiny 5 X 7 in. work but I think I'll get great use out of it. I've done 3 paintings with it so far. You can find them in the Oils Albumn...
Hidden Gem is a scene on a dead end road where houses were removed for the construction of the Miramichi Bridge. I loved the ruggedness of the scene.
Company Store - Nelson is an iconic sight on the Miramichi...the building is no longer used but the current owners keep it up.
Last but not least is The Curelean House with Daffodils's located in Loggieville NB, an area I love to go to paint and this home has alwas stood out for me because of the color. This spring they had built the wodden fence and had daffodils blooming. The yellow and cerulean blue hit me like a ton of bricks so I had to capture it in paint

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