Cathleen Richards-Green



Pabineau Falls in Autumn

Posted on October 18, 2021 at 2:00 PM
A delightful trip to Pabineau Falls...a must do every autumn for me. I love the sound of the water going over the rocks...I can feel it's power. It's never prettier than in the autumn. I was particularily attracted to the small red maple making it's way through the rock. Nature is AWESOME!
I did some sketching while I was there..but this particular painting I did from one of my photographs....It was meant to be for The 3rd Annual Tiny Picture Show held at the end of November by the Miramichi Art Core...but unfortunately we've had to cancel due to rising cases of Covid in our area. Here's how I went about creating Pabineau Falls in Autumn. The full sized picture can be found in the Oils Album.

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