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Figures In the Landscape #2

Posted on July 21, 2021 at 7:15 PM

Continuing on from the last post....For the 2nd of the Figures In the Landscape project we went to Hay Island off Neguac NB ...the day was overcast with the sun trying it's darndest to come through but failing miserably .....some painted some sketched. I decided to draw out my scene on some Arches rough watercolor paper..I love it for the textures in a landscape..though it isn't great for details like faces..which I really wasn't interested in is the figure that is important in this project. I even chose a location so that the model's back was turned to me so that I wouldn't be tempted. Only problem with that decision was that I was near the water line and before I was finished the was QUITE obvious that the tide was coming IN! I had to change positions, but seeing that the sun was going to refuse to grace us with it's golden presence I decided to hold off on the painting bit till I got home...with hopes of making this rather dull scene into something more sunny and memorable
It was pouring cats and dogs before I got home...glad I wrapped it up when I did! (Thank you for being my artist model Wendy!)

Here's the scene....the drawing....and the finished painting
*Painters At The Beach* 11 X 14 in. (Can be found in the Art Work Watercolors Albumn)

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