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Figures In the Landscape Project

Posted on July 21, 2021 at 6:55 PM

I'm presently president of our local art group Miramichi Art Core..I seem to be the *Covid* president as I came into the position a few months before Covid began . We've not been able to have meetings since then...but have managed to have our 2nd annual Tiny Picture Show last winter and I'm sure we'll have it again this November too. We've had one paintout together in Loggieville and I was trying to think up something we could do over the summer and decided on a *Figure's In The Landscape* project ....going out into a landscape (a park...a get the idea) once a month for June, July, August and hopefully September to paint a figure, modeling in the landscape. It's been a favorite staple of artists for centuries. About 5 of our almost 20 artists have taken an interest in doing it....HEY! Where ARE the rest of you??

Our first outing was at Wilson's Point. The day was gorgeous and our model (Thank you Rose!) was excellent!
Here's a combo photo of my efforts that day (The *Lady Rose* painting can be found in my Art Work Oils Albumn

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